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Rabat ilościowy

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Underwear is the foundation of every women's and men's outfit. It should be comfortable, not restrictive of movements, ideally suited in terms of size and cut, thanks to which it additionally shapes the figure. We carry another one around the house, in another we go out to the pool or the beach. Everyone prefers a different type, different cut and even a different pattern, because the underwear does not have to be just black and white. Although mostly invisible under clothing, it is worth to ensure that it is not boring even for yourself.



We probably know everything about underwear, which is why we decided to offer it to you in the form of boxers with inscriptions. Now it has become a fact to order women's and men's panties with such a print as you will think of. Boxers with their own imprint, for example, Christmas designs, funny and more serious, stylish graphics and cool slogans are now the most fashionable motifs. And the best thing is that you choose them yourself. You can design a unique lingerie from A to Z thanks to our on-line wizard adding your own graphic or text, or simply use our library of ready-made boxer designs with inscriptions that will work in every situation. A wide selection of sizes and colors means that you can design underwear for every day of the year.



In our offer we also have a position for women. Panties with figs are a very popular choice, bought by Ladies and for Ladies. As a gift or your own order is a great thing to make underwear something cool. Underwear with print has long reigned in the bedrooms and swimming pools and beaches. Show that you have a distance to yourself and you like to have fun. Women's panties with inscriptions will be great in this situation. But imprints on your underwear - does it make sense? Yes of course. Why wear a one-color, boring underwear when there is a unique lingerie with prints in the women's, men's and children's version at your fingertips?



We also thought about the little ones, especially for them preparing cotton rompers and bodysuits. Small children are cute and to emphasize this, design a baby bodysuit with an imprint with a fairytale motif, for example: Kubuś Puchatek, Kraina Lodem or the topic with Bunny Bug. It's also a great and original gift idea for baptisms or just when you come to visit. We guarantee that such a unique gift will work great and will be enjoyed not only by the toddler but also by everyone around him. What's more, the products we offer are of the highest quality, made of good grades of cotton, carefully finished on the edges. We recommend using our offer of children's bodies with print for all of you who are looking for an idea for an original and creative idea for a birthday and a gift for a baby - a children's body with its own imprint will perfectly enter this role. Do not hesitate and check how our online wizard works today and design something for yourself, and we guarantee that you will come back to us. IdeaShirt is a brand for creative and unconventional people.


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