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It's getting colder, or maybe it's warmer days? Long-sleeved sweatshirt is a perfect offer for spring and fall clothing. Warm, practical, capable of having a hood that protects against wind and a sweatshirt with your own embroidery put on by your head or zipped. Sweatshirt is a universal clothing and thanks to that it works in every situation. You can carry it around the house, go out into the city, meet friends. It is an irreplaceable element of your outfit. Ideashirt offers a wide selection of sweatshirts with its own print, available as single-color or combined colors, so-called. koledżówki. Thanks to the use of good quality materials, sweatshirts are warm, breathable and even heavily used, they do not pilling, do not lose colors and shape..



You will not find such sweatshirts on shop shelves, because they are imported for us. But apart from the properties of the blouse, what gives it its uniqueness and unforgettable character is the imprint you can put on it. Oh yes, your own inscription, put on a sweatshirt with an inscription. It would be a sin not to show yourself in it. You choose the motif yourself, it can be a picture in the middle, front or back of the inscription or graphics applied on the entire fabric. Imprints on clothing are made from the very beginning of its activity. We specialize in both low-volume orders, offering them with flex foil printing and DTG direct printing, as well as printing on blouses in larger quantities, using screen printing, embroidery and previously mentioned techniques. Printed sweatshirts can be decorated with the company's logo, which is extremely important during all kinds of events and marketing campaigns. Employees dressed in corporate clothes like armor face the hardships of everyday life. It's worth taking care of the banner of your company's logo as a banner.



And if you prefer something more commercial, design a sweatshirt with a free-to-write caption, an advertising slogan, as well as personalized graphics. We recommend printed sweatshirts as part of the company's clothing, advertising, as well as the characteristic club clothing - for sports teams, music bands, as well as motoring fan clubs. There are many possibilities, and all this is a matter of willingness. Design a sweatshirt, send the design to us and we will take care of the rest. Quickly and efficiently, and above all, with attention to detail, we carry out orders entrusted to us so that the final effect meets your expectations. Printed sweatshirts are a great opportunity, so be a part of IdeaShirt and create your own sweatshirt.


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