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Provide protection for your smartphone thanks to a dedicated housing with its own imprint! The times when the phone case was replaceable and almost indestructible as in Noki 3310 have already passed. Now a fall from a small height can irreversibly destroy our phone, kept in a pocket with keys or other things probably scratch the housing, and yet smartphones are not so cheap. It is worth to buy an additional security in the form of a cool phone case with print. It will not only protect your phone, but will add a unique character to it all. The case for the phone with subtitles or tribal graphics has recently gained popularity and the possibilities of printing on the case have grown considerably.



Phone cases has long been an indispensable thing, but it has been mass-produced and solid colors. Now is the opportunity to change for the better, because IdeaShirt has a dedicated phone case with its own photo in its offer. We have a case for the most popular phone models, but you can also bring your case, and we will carry the graphics (of course if it will meet the conditions for printing). The print on the case is made using the UV printing method, which ensures maximum quality, so you can be sure that the motif we are applying will perfectly match your project. Dedicated phone case with print also works great as a gift. Is it for some occasion, for example Christmas with a Christmas motif or no occasion as a case with photos of holidays, a funny photo of your secret folder with funny photos of friends, or graphics from your favorite movie, manga, TV series, music band or superhero. It all depends on who likes what and what you are interested in, the possibilities are enough, the idea is enough and we will take care of the implementation. The phone case with the print will always be something that pleases the eye and satisfies the soul.



Design your own dream case yourself and enjoy the unique look by applying graphics, a unique design or just a nice inscription. We can help you with our creator online, you can design your own case. The wizard is very intuitive, you can add graphics from the disk, write or use our library of patterns and freely combine and modify the result. Patterns for the phone case are very rich and unique. You can also get inspired by ready arrangements prepared by us, which we have placed in our portfolio. Think about what you like best and put it on the case, and then show off with all your originality.

Do not hesitate and design the phone case today. The lead time is only 2-5 days and then we can send it to any place in Poland, or you can pick it up yourself in our store.


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