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Rabat ilościowy

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In Poland, in the fourteenth century, the first features of hats appear, producing the first caps. At the beginning they were ordinary winter hats, but with time new types appeared. The cap, be it winter or with a visor, a rapier, a trucker, or a sports one, was supposed to fulfill the basic function of protecting the head against weather conditions, ie frost, heat, snow, rain, wind. In the 21st century, a representative function was still added to the protective function. Today, the cap is not only the protection of the head but also the element of fashion and belonging. Rapper hats identified with fans of RAP and Hip Hop music are an illustrative manifesto and a hallmark of this group. One of the most visible trends are hats with their own embroidery, which combine classic performance with an elegant embroidery lettering. So caps with custom print are now the most popular, by the fact that we choose what to find on them.



The snapback caps (rappers), truckers or visor cap with print are particularly liked by the youth. Caps are distinguished by great convenience of use. Snapback hats are one of the most fashionable hats in the previous, current and next seasons - especially if it is decorated with an interesting print. Fashionable snapback hats have also appeared in our company's offer. When we talk about something that is fashionable, one of our caps with its own print should appear in front of our eyes. Maintained entirely in a uniform color or differing in the color of the roof and the body. On the front panel of the cap we will make for you an inscription or logo in any shape, which may consist of a large number of colors, printing with flex foil or sublimation depending on the type of cap. Our computer-controlled devices provide a very high marking resolution, thanks to which they reproduce the most complicated logotypes. One of the addressees of our caps with self-printing can be any of you. Do you take care of your image? Do you wear only the most fashionable and original clothes? Thanks to us, you can become a creator of your own unique style. With an individually designed hat you will always be on time. It can also be an opportunity to create a surprise gift for someone important to you.



Cap with print is a great choice for cold days. Fashionable, comfortable and above all kept in your favorite atmosphere. Print on it whatever you like, the logo of your favorite team, the image of your favorite artist or the quote that inspires you. You can use our on-line wizard to design your own unique winter hat with print, or choose from thousands of themes and graphics available in our library. But that's not all we have for you. In our portfolio you can find ready-made designs and designs of winter orders made by us with your own print. It will serve you as an inspiration to create something unearthly.


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