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Who has no goose skin when you hear the word "gadgets"? An inseparable part of marketing campaigns, events or meetings with fans. Fabulous and at the same time practical things that recall specific memories. Now you can create them yourself, because high-quality gadgets with print are one of the most interesting products in our offer. In an interesting range of gadgets, you can find, among others, a perfectly tailored case with print for popular models of Samsung, Sony and Apple phones, which will make a sensation among the company. On each case we make any designs you design yourself. All you need is an idea, an interesting graphic or an inscription, and your phone will turn into something unearthly. It's a great opportunity to personalize your phone, without buying ready-made and repeatable case designs, those boring and identical casses that you're average to. Invest in something unconventional and carry what you like about the printed case.



If you do not have an idea of ​​what gadgets may look like, for example, imprinted on pens, we invite you to take advantage of the rich graphics library that we have prepared especially for you. You accept the finished design, you order, after a few days, to enjoy a new, beautiful case or a cheap printed pen. But gadgets are not just a case, we offer a lot of possibilities from company mugs with print, water bottles and pins, to teddy bears, flasks and printed pens, and on pendrives and power banks. And all designed and created by you. Check our offer because we have a lot of accessories and there is no way to list them all here.



To achieve high-quality, long-lasting prints, we use only proven printing methods. In this case, they are sublimation prints on gadgets. The technology we use allows you to create full color prints on almost the entire flat surface of the mug with a company's imprint or other things. The high resolution of sublimation printing means that every smallest detail of the project is accurately reproduced. What's more, such sublimation printing cups are resistant to abrasion and scratches, because the print blends into the surface of the plastic, preventing its mechanical damage. It's a real treat and a great gift idea for all gadget music lovers. Treat yourself, your clients and even your friends an unforgettable gift. Bargain or not let it stand in your way to be met, because mugs made to order are a universal gift and can be useful and save your skin at any time.


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