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Rabat ilościowy - zamów więcej i oszczędzaj

Rabat ilościowy

Zaprojektuj odzież i gadżety z nadrukiem, korzystając ze swojego komputera lub telefonu

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It is said that the house is a fortress in which we feel safe. We renovate it, clean it in it and most importantly decorate it in order to feel the best in it. We buy add-ons to fill up empty space, paintings on the wall, fridge magnets or sofa cushions. Of course, in order to stand out from the neighbors, it is worth ensuring that these decorations are the most unique, unconventional and unique.



Small objects can quickly and effectively change the look of each apartment, which is why Ideashirt cares about your everyday space, where you work and rest, offering you good-quality decorations with print. Among them you can find products that are the most popular on the market. Pillows with print can certainly be included. Soft, fluffy, elastic, durable, in white, ideally suited as a background for any print. Prints on the cushions are made by sublimation printing technique. This allows you to use almost the entire available surface of the pillow, to print on it a photo of your liking, a souvenir photo of holidays or other photos that are important to you, make you feel good, relax or help you fall asleep. An interesting quote will also work perfectly in such a situation and give the visitors visiting your mind.  



During the day spent at home, we often stay near the fridge. It is worth to decorate it with a magnet with a picture of a pet, friends or family. It is also a great idea for advertising. A small gadget such as magnesium with imprint, eg a company logo can make customers consolidate your brand. Decorations with prints are an interesting form of self-expression and advertising. Magnet with print and attached sheets is unmatched.

Let's add a doorplate, for example: "President's Room" or "Here the owner rules". An unearthly effect and certainly add character to every apartment.

Such imprinted decorations have always added irreplaceable character to every space, and the time of identical flats straight from communist Poland has passed forever. Find a decorator in yourself and design a pillow with print or magnesium with a print on the fridge.


kubki z nadrukiem


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