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Christmas is a great time when the whole family meets together, sitting at a shared table sharing a wafer and giving presents. The spirit of Christmas makes us want to give others more than to be bestowed in this special time. Christmas decorations are an indispensable element that strengthens this spirit and releases a blissful mood in us. Feel the magic of Christmas thanks to personalized Christmas products from IdeaShirt. Cap with Santa Claus, embroidered with the computer embroidery method, provides a unique, wonderful effect and adds charm to this festive time. Be Santa and give them to your relatives as a gift to make them smile on their faces. In addition to the personalized hats of Santa Claus, we also offer a special sock straight from American films, which was attached to the fireplace and Santa was putting presents there. Every country is a custom, nevertheless, it is a cool element that will add magic and unforgettable atmosphere in every home. For companies, the holiday season is a real treat, because at the time they double their profits. Our Christmas products are also great for decorating outlets, stores or offices. Caps can be given to employees and Santa's socks used as a small gift for loyal customers. Embroider the company's logo on them to be close to them in this special time. This is a great opportunity for your company to enter your home and above all in the hearts of your clients and employees. There is no better advertisement than the one that accompanies the holiday emotion. When you buy more items you will receive a discount that you can use for, for example, the purchase of other, personalized items from our store. Design your theme today thanks to our on-line wizard. An intuitive and easy-to-use tool that allows you to design and order a product in an easy and quick way, and we'll take care of it and deliver it to you on time

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