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Irreplaceable on the way to school, when we have too many books and notebooks, when shopping, when we do not take everything in our hands and on a trip outside the city, when what is most important means a different amount for everyone. A cotton bag with print available in many designs and colors, you can buy anywhere, but with what gives it a unique character that is the option of printing can be purchased at Ideashirt. We offer you high quality eco bags with print, perfect for everyday shopping. Durable, multi-colored cotton, a cut that provides a large capacity bag and comfortable handles. To all this, we can add the prints you designed on the bags. We will use one of several methods offered to perform them. Permanent and flexible print will adapt to the shape of the bag, even after filling it with shopping. If you want to order a smaller number of bags with imprint, we recommend equally long-lasting imprints with flex foils or new on the market - DTG prints with the possibility of printing a photo or other multicolored graphics. All cotton bags with print are made individually, in our company's studio. There is nothing impossible for us, and we know everything about prints.


Backpack with print

Regardless of the product, we are able to make colorful prints on almost any surface. That's why we recommend you practical city and sports backpacks, as well as hip bags, irreplaceable during the holidays. Each of the printed backpacks ordered from us can be marked with any print. Due to the specificity of the product and the materials used for its production, prints on backpacks are usually made in the technique of flex foil and sublimation. This print is durable and retains flexibility at low and high temperatures. Thanks to this, even with intensive use of a backpack with inscriptions throughout the year, it will not crack, deform or detach. Amaze us with your ingenuity and let yourself be known to others from the creative side. Choose your own design or use our graphics library, combine and share creating something original and unique. Bags and backpacks with print or kidneys are things that are almost everyday use and it is worth to ensure that in addition to fulfilling their obvious function, they look great and shine in the company. Who said the backpack must be boring? Put on it the artwork of your favorite band, football team, superhero or any theme you like. The company logo will also be great for this type of thing as an element of mobile advertising. Let others envy you, place your order and leave it to us.


Back bags with print

The city bag is a hit in recent years. The most popular are cotton bags with print because of their uniqueness and handiness have been loved especially by young people, somehow replacing classic backpacks. Back bags with print with inspiration, graphics or writing invented by us is a great way to present yourself in a different way. Choose your own theme and put your own print on the bag.


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