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Rabat ilościowy

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Towel with a PRINT

Accessories or accessories are an indispensable element of any outfit. If we work in the office, we put on a tie, if in the restaurant we wear an apron, when we go to the beach we take a towel with us. The options are many as much as the accessories themselves. For everyone, something else is an important element that emphasizes his lifestyle. And what if you can personalize these elements even more? Our printed accessories are great for such situations. You no longer need to create gray, stiff patterns that have long fall out of circulation, now you can show yourself from a completely different side, as a creative and original person for whom nothing is impossible. A towel with a digital print looks great on the beach. An unconventional motif applied to the material or just a towel with a photograph of our pet is a great way to show our interests. Choose what you want to say to the world and put on the towel just like that.



A tie that suits you perfectly, in a serious or loose tone, with your favorite graphic or a thought-provoking quote. The addition next to which you can not pass by indifferently. Ties with logos in financial industries are an absolute standard, a tie with an imprint of something interesting is an absolute departure. Turn a stiff family meeting into something relaxing thanks to unforgettable printing on a tie, which can also be used as a pretext to start a conversation. It breaks the ice and makes you smile. It's one of those printed accessories that can save you from a difficult or awkward situation.



The print on all kinds of accessories is also a great method of advertising and promotion for companies. Do you work in gastronomy? A kitchen apron with the imprint of your company's logo is a great advertisement. He will add graphics to, for example, some dish and recipe for success ready. Hairdresser? An apron with your own imprint, eg scissors, works great, and if you're looking for a home apron, because you just like to cook, then a printed apron chosen by you will be perfect. This photo, graphics, slogan here is not limited. Mobile advertising has never been so cheap and easy. Invest in such extras for your company or as small gifts for your clients. You can also use them in all kinds of contests prepared for your loyal fans, customers, contractors. There is a huge field here. The printing options are almost limitless. We use various methods of digital printing depending on the material and the nature of the order. We carry out orders from just one item, but with larger quantities a special discount awaits you. Do not wait and check today how well you with our printed accessories.

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