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Terms and conditions for IdeaShirt


Definitions used in these terms & conditions shall mean:
1. A client - a natural person, a legal person or an organizational unit subject of special regulations awarding legal capabilities, who makes purchases in the Store;
2. A Civil Code – an Act dated 23 April 1964 (Journal of Acts No. 16., item 93 as amended);
3. Terms and Conditions – these terms and conditions governing provision of electronic services (rendered) by the Internet Store;
4. An Internet Store (Store) – An Internet website under the address, by means of which a Client can place Orders;
5. Goods – products presented/displayed in the Internet Store;
6. A sale agreement– an agreement for sale of Goods in the meaning of the Civil Code, entered into by and between and a Client, via the Internet website - the Store;
7. An Act on consumer's rights – An Act dated 30 May 2014 on consumer's rights (Journal of Acts dated 2014, item 827);
8. An Act on provision of the services via electronic way – the Act dated 18 July 2002 on provision of services via an electronic way (Journal of Acts, No. 144, item 1204 as amended);
9. An order – A Client's statement of will, intended to enter into the Sale Agreement; it determines, in particular, a type and quantity of Goods.


1. These Terms & Conditions stipulate rules governing use of the Internet Store available under the address
2. These Terms & Conditions is a T&C referred to in the art. 8 of the Act on provision of services via electronic way.
3. The Internet Store, under the address:, is run by: Yax Interactive Mateusz Piwnicki, ul. Generała Romualda Traugutta 135/1a, 50-419, Wrocław, Poland, VAT ID: PL8322018412,  and entered into the Central Business Register and Information Service (CEIDG), run by a Minister competent for the economy. REGON: 100730267.
4. These Terms & Conditions specify, in particular:
- rules of recording and use of the account intended for the Internet store;
- terms and conditions governing issue of placing Orders in the Internet Store;
- terms and conditions governing sale with use of services rendered by the Internet Store.
5. Use of the Internet Store is possible after fulfillment, by the IT system a Client uses, the following minimal technical requirements: access to the Internet.
6. In order to use the Internet Store the Client should, individually, get an access to a computer or a final device having an access to the Internet.
7. Pursuant to binding legal regulations reserves its right to limit providing services via the Internet Store for persons younger than 18 yo. In such a case potential Clients will be informed on this.
8. Clients may get an access to these Terms and Conditions anytime, via a link on the main website as well as download it and print it.


1. Registration in the Internet Store is optional. A Client may place an order without registering in the Store, after familiarization with these Terms & Conditions and after accepting them.
Registering takes place by filling and acceptance of the registering form, made available at one of the Store's sites.
A condition to register is to approve the Terms & Conditions as well as to provide obligatory personal data. may deprive a Client his/her rights to use the Internet Store and it may limit his/her access to certain or all of resources of the Internet Store with an immediate effect, in case the Client violates the Terms and Conditions, in particular when:
- he/she entered, during the registration process in the Internet Store, false or invalid data, confusing data or data violating third parties' rights,
- via the Internet Store a client violates third parties' personal rights, in particular, personal rights of other clients of the Internet store,
- he/she behaves in any other manner recognized by the to be behavior contrary to law regulations or general rules governing use of the Internet (network) or violating goodwill of the
2. In order to assure safety of the messages and data in connection with services rendered by means of the Website, the Internet Store takes technical and organizational steps adjusted to the level of risk for safety of the services, in particular, measures intended to prevent gathering and modification of personal data sent via the Internet by unauthorized persons.
3. The Client is obliged, in particular to:
not deliver and to not transfer content prohibited by law regulations, e.g. content promoting violence, defaming content or violating third parties' personal goods and other rights of third parties,
use of the Internet Store in a way not violating its functioning, in particular, by use of specified software or devices,
not commence such operations as: sending not ordered commercial information (spam) or entering it into advertisements of the Internet Store,
use the Internet Store in a way not arduous for other clients and for the itself,
use all of the content of the Internet Store exclusively for personal use,
use the Internet Store in a manner meeting regulations binding in the area of the Republic of Poland, Terms and Conditions as well as general terms and conditions governing use of the Internet network.


1. In order to enter into the Sale Agreement via the Internet Store, access the Internet store, choose products by taking technical steps based on messages displayed for the Client, and information available in the website.
2. Choice of Goods ordered by a client is made by means of adding them into the basket.
3. During placement of the Order, till the order confirmation button has been pressed, a Client is able to modify data of Goods and range of his/her selections. Hence, one needs to follow messages displayed to him/her and information available on the website.
4. After entering, by a Client using the Internet Store, all of required data, a short-list of placed Orders is displayed. The short list of placed Order shall include, most of all, description of selected goods or services, total price and all other costs.
5. In order to send an Order it is necessary to accept the Terms and Conditions, to enter personal data (obligatory) and to press the button confirming the Order.
6. Information on Goods in the Internet Store website constitutes an offer in the meaning of the art. 66 of the Civil Code. By sending an Order a Client makes a statement of will to enter into a Sale Agreement with acc. to Terms and Conditions.
The agreement shall be considered concluded as from the moment of transfer of an order from a Client into the Internet Store IT system, provided that the Order meets provisions stipulated in Terms & Conditions. After conclusion of the Agreement a Client is provided with an e-mail including confirmation of all significant elements of the Order.
7. The Sale Agreement is in Polish and the text of it follows the Terms and Conditions.
8. Average time of order fulfillment equals 2-7 business days. In a time of increased no. of orders (Christmas, cyclic events etc.) time of completion of an order may extend up to 14 days.


1. Delivery of Goods is limited to the Republic of Poland and takes place into the address a Client enters when an Order is placed.
2. Delivery of ordered Goods is carried out by:
- Poczta Polska [Polish Mail Operator]
- Courier
- Parcel pick-up stations
One can collect ordered Goods personally in our store: TRAUGUTTA 135 50-419 WROCŁAW Poland Mon.-Fri. 9.00-17.00
Cost of the delivery equals to: Courier: PLN 20, Poczta Polska, InPost: PLN 10. Additionally, delivery costs are established at the moment an order is placed.
3. Delivery term equals:
  Courier: 1 business day, which starts as from the order completion day.
Poczta Polska, InPost: 3 business days which start as from the order completion day.
4. Clients may get an access to these Terms and Conditions anytime, via a link in the main website as well as download it and print it.
Recording, protecting and making data of an Order available as well as General Terms & Conditions (terms and conditions of sale) takes place via e-mail. Previous orders can be reviewed in the account after logging in.
5. In case of order exceeding 10 pcs., ordered products are packed collectively.
6. Orders are packed in protecting materials with a logotype of our company. In case products are not packed in materials with logotype we recommend accurate inspection of a package attended by a courier.
7. Orders, which include glass elements (e.g. mugs) are always send by courier with special mark/symbol "be careful - glass". Clients are obliged to inspect a package at the presence of a courier in order to submit a complaint if a package is damaged.


1. Prices of the Goods are in Polish Zloty and include all of ingredients, including the VAT tax (with quoted rate), duty and all other elements.
2. A Client can pay by means of:
- a wire transfer
- PayU system
- PayPal system
at the moment an order is placed


You may withdraw from this Agreement within 14 days without any reason. Term of withdrawing from the Agreement expires after 14 days from a day as of which you would come into possession of things or, as of which a third party, other than a carrier and a party appointed by you, would come into possession.
In order to invoke the right to withdraw from the Agreement you must inform us (Yax Interactive Mateusz Piwnicki, Traugutta 135, 50-419 Wrocław,, Tel.: 48 71 343 78 85) on your decision on withdrawal from this agreement, by means of a clear representation (e.g. a paper sent by mail, fax or via e-mail). You may use sample of form of withdrawal from the agreement, however, it is not mandatory.
In order to satisfy term of withdrawal from the Agreement, it is enough to send information on the exercising of the right to withdraw from the agreement you are entitled to, before expiration of a term entitling you to withdraw from the agreement. In case of meeting the terms & conditions entitling you to withdraw from the agreement, you shall pay direct costs of return of things.
Please, send back or deliver things to the following address: Yax Ineteractive Mateusz Piwnicki ul. Traugutta 135/1a 50-419 Wrocław, promptly, however, not later than 14 days from a date on which you informed us on withdrawal from this agreement. The term is met if you send back a thing before termination of 14 day term. We can stop return of the payment till we have been delivered a product or an evidence of sending a product back depending on which takes place earlier. You are liable exclusively for decrease in value of a thing arising from use of it in a manner other than a manner necessary to find nature, attributes and functioning of a thing.
A right to withdraw from the agreement by a consumer is exempted in case of:
- an agreement subject-matter of which is not a pre-fabricated unit, manufactured acc. to specification provided by a client or intended to meet individual needs of a client,
- agreement, subject-matter of which are things, which, after delivery, because of their nature, are irrevocably connected with other things


1., as a seller is responsible before a Client, who is a client in the meaning of the art. 22[1] of the Civil Code, on the grounds of an implied warranty for defects to the extent set out in the Civil Code, in particular in the art. 556 and art. 556[1] -556[3] of the Civil Code.
2. Complaints, which arise from violation of rights guaranteed by law or on the grounds of these Terms and Conditions, must be delivered into the address: Yax Interactive Mateusz Pwinicki, TRAUGUTTA 135, 50-419, Wrocław, undertakes to consider every complaint within 14 days and in case it is not possible, to inform the Client within the afore-mentioned time, when the complaint is to be considered. is not a manufacturer of the Goods. shall not be liable for guarantee for sold Goods. A manufacturer may be liable for guarantee covering sold Goods under terms and conditions and within a term stipulated in a guarantee card. If a guarantee document estimates such an option, a Client may send his/her guarantee claims directly into an authorized service address set out in the guarantee card.
3. reserves what follows:
- after placement of an order by a client and change of a status from "Being completed", shall not be obliged to implement modifications to the order, transferred by a client
- colors of cloths available in the catalog of products of, because of technical and operational reasons, may slightly differ from real color of fiber. It is a result of colors on varied computer screens and differences in the field of colors between textile manufacturers
- visualization of a product and an imprint in the Internet Store is of illustrative nature only and it constitutes just approximate image of the product and the design as well.
- possible discrepancies regarding size within generally accepted sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL) up to 15% within a particular size group. It is a result of variances in particular size groups among manufacturers of textiles, products of which are used by
- delivery takes place usually within 3 business days from change of the order status from "Waiting" to "Being performed". IdeaShirt reserves its right that the period in question, because of production reasons, can be extended without a previous notice up to 14 business days from the reception, by a Buyer, of confirmation stating acceptance for production.
-, on materials of a non-stable chemical structure, such as cotton, glass, ceramics, wood, hips, dibond etc. cannot guarantee full repeatability of imprints.


1. takes steps in order to assure fully proper operation of the Store to such an extent, which arises from valid technical knowledge and it undertakes to liquidate, within a reasonable time, all irregularities clients inform on.
2. A Client is obliged to inform promptly on all irregularities or pauses of functioning of the Internet Store (website).
3. Irregularities in the field of functioning of the Store may be sent by a Client in writing into the following address: Yax Interactive Mateusz Pwinicki, TRAUGUTTA 135, 50-419, Wrocław, or by means of a contact form
4. In a complaint a Client must provide his/her name and a surname, a correspondence address, a type and a date of the irregularity in the field of functioning of the Store.
5. undertakes to consider every complaint within 14 days and in case it is not possible, to inform the Client within the afore-mentioned time, when the complaint is to be considered.


1. Settling of potential disputes arising between and a Client, who is a consumer in the meaning of art. 22[1] of the Civil Code, shall be carried out by competent courts acc. to provisions of the Civil Code.
2. Settling of potential disputes arising between and a Client, who is not a consumer in the meaning of art. 22[1] of the Civil Code, shall be carried out by a court competent for the registered office of the
3. To all matters not settled herein provisions of the Civil Code shall apply as well as provision of the Act on provision of services via an electronic way and other binding Polish legal regulations.

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